Today I am half dead, literally! A half 4 wake up call from one son wanting to get up just for the craic and the other one belting out the lyrics to Fireman Sam was not the leisurely start to the day that I had hoped for!

Before I drowned myself in caffeine, I took my weight and measurements….. Weight and body fat, exactly the same as last week BUT I have lost an inch off my hips and half an inch off my thighs. I wasn’t surprised that my weight has stayed the same, partly because I’m a healthy weight anyway and weight tends to fall off pretty easily when you first start ‘dieting’ if you need to lose a few pounds. There’s also the fact that I’ve been hungry all week so my body probably thinks I’m trying to starve it.

I use the term ‘diet’ loosely. I do not need to lose weight, nor do I particularly want to. A few people have said to me this week, why are you ‘dieting’ there’s nothing on you, you don’t need to lose weight. I can’t stress enough that weight loss is not my goal. My ultimate goal is to break the bad habits that I’ve fallen into, and to eat and feel more healthy, as I did pre babies. I’m lucky in one sense that I’ve never really had to think about my weight. That does, however, lead me (and others) into a false sense of security that I can eat what I want and not worry about it. I’m built like my dad was, and, my nanna is and both were/are type two diabetics.

Being tired has certainly taken its toll this weekend but I stayed strong, unlike one’s husband who succumbed to a few beers last night while I drank water. I’ve never actually given up sugar before. I’ve always been an ‘everything in moderation’ type of person – apart from when I had morning  (read that as 24/7) sickness, when I could navigate my way around the north east by supermarket car parks with accessible bins and vowed I was never eating anything, ever again! I’ve given up gluten and wheat before, caffeine, alcohol, and cut back of stuff but never totally given up sugar – and what a minefield that actually is. A full English breakfast with no sauce – eh?!?

The hardest bit this past week has been hunger, especially when I’m tired and a quick sugar fix is a big no, no. I decided that I needed to sort that out otherwise failure would be on the cards. There’s no need to be hungry, and when I’m hungry all I ever think about is the wrong food. So, I bought some nut butter, apricots and dates when I was shopping to snack on. I had a few dates and apricots this afternoon (wild!) when I could feel temptation rise and that curbed the craving. I’m not quite sure if that’s the right thing to do but it worked so I guess it was.

The kids asked what was for pudding after Sunday dinner (and yes I had a Yorkshire pudding because a Sunday dinner isn’t a Sunday dinner without one!) and they had ice cream because dessert is a treat on Sunday. It’s compelled me to look back at some paleo recipes that I have for sugar free desserts. You wouldn’t think they were sugar free unless you knew, so, I’m going to try and find the time to give some of them a whirl over the next week or so and see if the kids actually notice….

I’ve also started meal planning for the week ahead so that I’m not caught off guard. That’s actually reduced my shopping bill which is great because everyone in this house LOVES food so we get through a lot! I also hate waste and throwing things out, so only buying things that we actually need solves that issue too. Another task this week is sorting breakfasts out, I’ve had a ‘clean’ protein shake (some of the cheaper ones have a lot of ingredients in them that I can’t even pronounce, and, still have sugar in them so I avoided them because it defeats the purpose for me, really) some mornings, as mornings are mega busy sorting kids out for nursery etc and a quick slice of toast leaves me feeling bloated and hungry a few hours later. I found with the protein shake that it still didn’t curb my appetite for long so I had a handful of nuts with it the next day and noticed that hunger was warded off for longer. Protein shakes are not a long term solution though, and as this is about breaking habits and making new ones I need to find a quick breakfast that suits me and my busy schedule!

So, another week beckons, new things to try and report back on, and we’ll see where we are this time next week! Thanks for reading 🙂


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